Viking Robotic Mower MI632PC

With a battery capacity of 3.8 Ah and a mowing time of 150 minutes per battery charge, the iMow robotic mower MI 632 PC can handle lawns up to approx. 4,000 m² in an active time of only 15 hours/week.

If necessary, the active time can be changed at any time using the app on your mobile device.
Maximum gradient % 35
Average mowing duration (per week) h 40
Average mowing time (per battery charge) min 150
Average charging time min 60
Power W 185
Average mowing duration (per week) 1) 40 h
Battery capacity Ah 6.8
Power W 185
Ideal lawn area m² bis 2.000
Maximum lawn area m² bis 4.000
Cutting height adjustment mm 20-60
Battery type Li-Ionen 194 Wh Accu 29 V
Average mowing time min 2) 150
Device (L/W/H) cm 73 x 54 x 27
Average charging time min. 60
Measured workplace LpA dB(A) 48
Maximum gradient % 45
Cutting width cm 28
Product weight kg 14
Uncertainty factor dB(A) 3

1) Under ideal conditions, based on the specified maximum lawn area
2) Per battery charge